Unidentified Items

Sometimes, MythicDrops items may spawn with a strange purple tier, without any enchantments, slots, nor a proper name. In this state, they are considered unidentified. In order to become a normal MythicDrops item, they must be identified using a Deus Codex. Unidentified items have greater potential than regular items, and as such can only have the following tiers: Spellbound, Ineffable, Ethereal.

Both unidentified items, as well as Deus Codexes will rarely drop from hostile mobs.

To identify an item, follow these steps:

  1. Right click with a Deus Codex
  2. Make sure nothing is in your off-hand.
  3. Do not look at another object/block when you try to identify an item.
  4. Right click with an unidentified item