The Trader job allows you to make money for trading in Emeralds in order to gain Crux and XP. It is a money focused Job that requires a vast amount of Emeralds to grind.

On Trade In


1Ability to craft Mini Backpack
1Access to Bottomless Chests. Every 3 Levels grants another 50 Slots.
10Ability to craft Tiny Backpack
15Ability to craft Workbench Bag
20Ability to craft Small Backpack
30Ability to craft Enchanting Table Bag
30Ability to craft Villager Jackets
30Ability to craft Void Spheres
30Ability to craft Backpack
40Ability to craft Large Backpack
50Ability to craft Huge Backpack
50Ability to use Demonic Coins
50Can trade Vanilla XP use ./trade
60Ability to craft Colossal Backpack
75Can trade Jobs XP to other players(When Implemented)
75Can trade McMMO XP to other players(When Implemented)
75Fortunate - Using an Essence gives you a 25% chance of returning the Essence. This stacks with the Fabled Rank Perk.
75Full Access to Bottomless Chest pages
75Access to the /rv Tradesman