ElyssiaMC uses Towny as a general grief-prevention and land-claiming tool. With Towny, you're able to toggle a plethora of settings, such as who can break, place, etc. in certain chunks, as well as in a large area. Towny uses a town system in order to do this. Towns are groups of chunks (16×16 areas, following the server chunk grid) with a home point, and various other optional settings.

Creating a town

To create a town, you must use the command /t new {name}. Ensure that, when specifying the name, there are no special characters or spaces. This may prevent you from being able to create the town. Before making the town, there are certain prerequisites. Ensure that, before you make a town,

  • You are the Citizen rank or above.
  • You have 5,000 crux.
  • Pay an upkeep of 100 crux each real life day.

Town claims

When you first create a town, it will only have one chunk, or town block, which is the town's spawn. The exact position of the town's spawn will be the block you're standing in when you create the town. There are many ways to expand your town, all of which require claiming more land. Each town starts out with chunks to claim an area. The chunks/plots must connect in order for them to be claimed. Diagonally adjacent chunks do not count as being connected. Each player added to your towny will add 8 chunks/plots to the town claims.

Note: It costs $25 to claim a chunk.
The funds to do so are taken out of the town bank.
So make sure to deposit money before you claim.

To claim more land for your town, use /t claim in a chunk which is labeled as a wilderness chunk. There are also alternative methods of claiming, including /res set mode autoclaim (claims chunks you walk into, can be disabled using /res set mode clear), /t claim circle {radius}, /t claim rect {radius}. You can also buy bonus plots by typing /t buy bonus. Towns can also join nations for additional plots (200 max).

Town Bank

Inputing money into the town bank will ensure that the town will continuously stay up after towny taxes are collected each day. Using /t deposit {amount}, players can input any amount of money into the town bank. Using /towny time, will tell you when the taxes will be collected next.

Adding new players to your town

Mayors, Assistants and Governors can invite new players to their town with /t add {playername}. The invited player will be given a prompt to either /accept or /deny the invitation.

Mayors can also toggle the town to be open with /t toggle open. Anyone can join an open town, even without an invitation.


Plots allow you to assign specific areas of your town to players, giving you more control over your town and protection over possible griefers which may have joined your town.

Using /plot forsale (amount) or /plot fs (amount) you can put a plot for sale for a member to claim as their own. If you leave the amount at 0 or blank, plots will not cost anything for the member to buy.

Setting town tax

Town mayors can set the tax for their town with /t set taxes {amount}.

By default resident taxes are at $0. Assistants, Mayors and Governors are exempt from paying town taxes.