“Symph, a vast unexplored land, recently discovered by Elysians. Dangerous creatures and stunning landscapes are only a few of the hidden treasures it has to offer.”

Welcome to Symph! A newly formed settlement that is in a different dimension from Elyssia; founded by the Prince of the Elysian Empire, Victor.

Upon first join, you will be within the settlement building of the Elysian Empire. To quickly return to this area simply use the command ./spawn. Spawn have many essential services and features and often time is where many Events will be hosted.

Many of these structures include

Essential Services at SpawnUsage
./warp Event AccessMany events are often time held here!
Tranquility Pond+3% Increase in Essence Fishing. More Jobs will be tied to this location in the future.
Zoologist Pet Storage AccessOrganize and choose which MyPet you want for your journey.