Allowing players to quickly create shops to buy or sell! Hovering items allow a quick find for what items you are looking for to buy, sell.

Now this setup is quite different from typical shop setups, The format to making chest shops are as follows:

  • Line 1: [shop]
  • Line 2: Amount of items buying/selling
  • Line 3: Price you want to buy/sell at
  • Line 4: buy or sell

Once you write this out on a sign on the chest, you must left click the item you want to sell or buy onto the sign. This will put a floating holographic of the item your selling onto of the chest.

For example if I want to sell a stack of apples for $500, i would do:

  • [shop]
  • 64
  • 500
  • sell

The current limit for chest shops are 40 Shops.