How to make a chestshop:

Regarding the price for the signs, it is determined by placing an “S” or “B” before/after the price.

For example, if I want my shop to Buy 1 Entropy Shard from other players I would create a sign saying:

  • Line 1:blank
  • 1
  • S #####
  • (Will explain)

The S/B are determined in the shops point of view. I want other player to Sell to my shop, so I place an “S” before the price. If i wanted other player to Buy items I stocked in the chest, I would place a “B” before the price.

The fourth line can be set a number of ways.

  • Holding the item and typing /iteminfo
  • placing the item in the chest and putting a “?” on the fourth line. This will auto fill whatever is in the chest to the sign.
  • Typing in the items name. Ex: Iron Ingot.