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The Scrapping Perk allows Blacksmiths to have a percent chance of breaking down a MythicDrop tier item to a Scrap.

Scrapping has a base chance of 10% with an additional 1% for every 50 McMMO Salvaging Levels, capping at 100% chance.

When a scrap attempt is successful, it can drop anywhere between 1-3 Scraps of the appropriate tier. Scrapping also allows you to retrieve scrolls and enchant books back from your MythicDrop items. The chance of Scrapping a Scroll or Enchanting Book is always 3 /4 of your Scrapping Chance. Therefore Scrapping a Scroll and Enchanting Book, caps at 75%. Enchanting Books scrapped can be enchanted past vanilla limits.

Using /scrapsettings, will limit how many notifications one will receive when scrapping items.


The main use of Scrapping is to re-convert it into its original essence form.

  • Crafting 8 of the Same Tier of Scrap creates an Essence of the Same Tier.
  • Crafting 16 of same Tier of Scrap + a Redstone Dust creates an Essence of the Next Tier, except for Arcana, since that is the current highest tier of MythicDrops.

Note that Scrapping is not applicable to Adept and Journeywalker Tiers, since Blacksmith can directly craft these Cores. Elysian tiered items are also not applicable to be scrapped.

The scraps are also used in recipes, such as Arcana scrap in the recipe for Purification Tag.

How to Scrap

  1. Be the appropriate Blacksmith level.
  2. Punch an Anvil(Vanilla) with the MythicDrops item you wish to scrap in Hand
  3. Punch again to Confirm
  4. Your item will be destroyed and rolled for scrap.
  5. A message should have been sent to you with the complete results of all items scrapped from that scrapping.

The tiers of MythicDrop items that a Blacksmith can scrap scales with a Blacksmith's level. Blacksmith Scrapping Levels:

1Common, Pure
15Magical, Spellbound
30Ineffable, Ethereal
75Voidwalker, Arcana