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Repair Gems


Repair gems are, as their name implies, used for repairing items. Unlike normal repairing, through the use of an anvil, or through McMMO's repair skill, repair gems are not only able to heal the item's durability, but also conserve data such as enchantments, name, etc. Using a repair gem will also grant 2,500 EXP in MCMMO's repair skill.

There are various methods to obtain repair gems, the most common of which being via voting, or by killing mobs. Easy to farm mobs, such as zombie pigmen and endermen have a lesser chance of dropping repair gems when killed. However, it should be noted that spawner mobs are able to drop repair gems.


There are unique and distinct steps to be taken in order to properly use a repair gem. Do not attempt to use them in conjunction with McMMO's repair or the vanilla method of repairing, as they will not work!

  1. Using the tool or armour you wish to repair, right click on an (vanilla) anvil.
  2. Confirm that you wish to repair the item by left clicking on the anvil.