Rank Variants

Below is a list of all Rank Variants available by default. In order to use any of the variants, you must have attained the appropriate rank. You can change your variant at any time by typing /rv.

RanksRank Variants
Serf Serf, Newcomer, Rookie, and Servant.
Outlaw Outlaw, Runaway, Bandit, Crook, and Mugger.
Rebel Rebel and Fighter.
Peasant Peasant, Laborer, Farmhand, and Commoner.
Citizen Citizen and Settler.
Merchant Merchant and Trader.
Artisan Artisan, Artist, Craftsman, Bard, and Musician.
Gentleman Gentleman and Lady.
Knight Knight, Templar, Gladiator, Guard, and Musketeer.
Paladin Paladin, Champion, Dragoon, and Crusader.
Commander Commander, Captain, General, and Grandmaster.
Warlock Warlock, Witch, Necromancer, Shaman, and Occultist.
Elder Elder and Ancient.
Noble Noble, Highborn, and Aristocrat.
Duke Duke, Duchess, Count, and Countess.
Archduke Archduke, Archduchess, Viscount, Viscountess, Baron, and Baroness.
Magus Magus, Oracle, Seer, Mage, Magi, Sorcerer, Sorceress, and Magister.
Royal Royal, Prince, and Princess.
King / Queen King, Queen, Emperor, Empress, Monarch, Kaiser, Tzar, Czar, Tzarina, Caesar, Majesty, Pharaoh, and Raja.
Spectre Spectre, Shade, Phantom, Spirit, Spectress, and Ghoul.
Wraith Wraith, Demonic, Fury, and Shade.
Deity Deity, Godlike, Godking, DemiGod, and Divine.
Valkyria Valkyria, Valkyrie, Archangel, and Angelic.
Celestial Celestial, Astral, Wanderer, and Transcendent.
Fabled Fabled, Forgotten, Voidwalker, Ethereal, and Legendary.
Eternal Eternal, Voidending, Undying, Timeless, and Immortal.
Arcana Arcana + all the other Rank Variants from the other ranks prior.

All Rank Variants unlocked via reaching Level 75 in a Job can be found on their respective page.

Rank Cosmetics

Buy-able Rank Variants that can be bought from the online forum store!

Pack NameRank Variants
AnimalCub, Duckling, and Piglet.
AnimeWeeb, Waifu, and Senpai.
BreakfastWeenie, Waffles, and Cupcake.

Event Only Rank Variants

These variants are now discontinued. They could be unlocked by winning competitions, or during events. In some cases, these variants can still be purchased from players for high sums.

Unlock MethodRank Variants
Autumn Event (September 2016)Autumn, Fira, and Pinecone.
Arcana Design Competition (October 2016)Hephaestus.
Building Competition (October 2016)Sculptor.
Halloween Event (October 2016)Thanatos and Resurrected
Anniversary Event (November 17-24, 2016)Elysian, Symphian, Anarchist, Follower, Arxmyst
Christmas Event (December 21-28th, 2016)Snowflake, Fenrir
Admin Auction of November 2016Artist
Admin Auction of January 2017Automaton and Mechanic
Chinese New Year Event 2017Huangdi and Tianzi
Admin Auction of March of 2017Leprechaun and Clairvoyant
Easter Event 2017Egg, Optimist, and Lepus

Other Rank Variants

This RV can only be obtained by turning in an item.

Unlock MethodRank Variant
1000 Player CakeHero, Heroine
2 Max Level JobsDuality
3 Max Level JobsTrinity
4 Max Level JobsTetrad