List of ranks can be seen in-game by typing /faqr.

SerfN/ANo extra perks - all new players start with this
Outlaw$100One extra home
Rebel$200One extra home
Peasant$500Create [Disposal] signs, /disposal access
Citizen$1,000Allows for the creation of a Town
Merchant$1,500Create [Balance] signs, allows for ChestShops to be made
Artisan$2,500/workbench, /wb, /craft access. Allows to create coloured signs
Gentleman$6,500/enderchest, /ec access
Knight$11,500One extra home and bank access at /ewarp bank
Paladin$20,000/pweather access
Commander$40,000Nine extra enderchest slots
Warlock$60,000Allows for the creation of nations
Elder$100,000Nine extra enderchest slots
Noble$150,000One extra home
Duke$250,000Nine extra enderchest slots
Archduke$400,000/back access
Magus$650,000/back on death. Allows you to join up to three jobs
Royal$1,500,000Keep experience on death
King / Queen$3,500,000Allows you to silk touch spawners
Spectre$7,000,000Allows for non-coloured nicknames (/nick)
Wraith$10,000,000/speed access
Deity$15,000,000/jumpboost (super) access
Valkyria$25,000,000Sneaking grants invisiblity, access to FastCraft, access to Crafting Frames, one extra home
Celestial$40,000,000Allows you to disguise as a Shulker Bullet. Allows Starlight Essences to be crafted from Entropy Shards. Colored nicknames can be made (/nick)
Fabled$65,000,000Using an essence has a 25% chance to refund the essence and void sphere.
Eternal$100,000,000Join upto four jobs. When taking fatal damage, 50% chance to keep your health at 1/2 heart (Cooldown of one minute; consumes an Entropy Fragment in your inventory)
Arcana$150,000,000Can use any previous rank variant. Arcana rank variants can be set to most colors. /fly access.
Total Cost $418,693,800