Mythic Drops

Mythic Drops are the main way of getting better items in Elyssia. These items have a chance to drop from mobs, and are ordered into tiers, which indicate their general quality. MythicDrops item drops are decided at the time of the mob's spawning, and thus, are not affected in any way by enchantments such as looting, etc. All mobs, excluding boss mobs (wither and ender dragon), and easily farmable mobs (endermen and zombie pigmen) have an equal chance to spawn with MythicDrops loot. Spawner mobs will never spawn with any MythicDrops items.

The version of Mythic Drops, (denoted as MythicDrops+) used on ElyssiaMC Network, is heavily modified and forked to improve your gameplay experienece.

Regular Drops

Any hostile mob has a chance to spawn with a regular MythicDrop item. This may be a Deus Codex, an unidentified item, a Permutatio Scroll, an Arcana or just a plain item. Regular MythicDrops items each have a tier, enchants, and a name. They may also have slots.

Boss Drops

Boss mobs, such as a Wither, or an Ender Dragon, will drop essences when they die, provided fire, an explosion, etc., does not destroy the drops. They are guaranteed to drop at least one, but up to twelve may drop, though this is incredibly rare.


It is possible to obtain MythicDrops items from fishing as well. Upon a successful catch, there is a chance that the player also catches essence. The essences obtained from fishing can reach up to the Ethereal tier, but no higher. Having Luck of the Sea applied on your fishing rod will yield a greater chance to obtain essences while fishing.