Mystery Spawners

You are forever responsible for that which you have tamed

Can be a reward from weekly chests! In the future can be obtained from Boss Mob Events.

There are 5 different qualities for spawners. Below is a Quality 2 Crate.

Possible Spawner Types
Blaze Spawner
Cave Spider Spawner
Chicken Spawner
Cow Spawner
Creeper Spawner
Enderman Spawner
Endermite Spawner
Ghast Spawner
Guardian Spawner
Horse Spawner
Iron Golum Spawner
Magma Cube Spawner
Mooshroom Spawner
Ocelot Spawner
Shulker Spawner
Silverfish Spawner
Skeleton Spawner
Slime Spawner
Snow Golum Spawner
Spider Spawner
Squid Spawner
Witch Spawner
Wolf Spawner
Zombie Pigman Spawner