Miner Recipes

15Access to /getpos: This displays your coordinates
15Access to /depth: This displays your height relative to sea level
15Access to /Compass: This displays the direction you are facing in degrees
15Access to mine out Basic Geodes
15Access to /Quartz, /qz
30Access to /Nightvision, /nv
30Access to /Condense, /Cond
30Access to /FireResistance, /fr
30Can now find Salt while mining
50Silk Touch Spawners
50Access to mine out VoidMagnets and Advanced Geodes
50Access to Picks with Voidbreaker 1
75Access to Picks with Voidbreaker 2
75Can now find Fallen Relics
75Ability to create Miner Variants of Voidstorages
75Access to the /rv Prospector

Steel and Slag

2 new resources! Both can be “crafted” by putting an Iron Ingot into a Crafting Table and collecting the made product. There is a 75% chance for Slag and 25% chance for Steel.

Steel can be used to make Saddles and Pet Cages for Zoologists!

Crafting 1 Slag and 1 Water Bucket will produce 2 Charcoal.