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The miner job allows you to earn money from mining. The list of actions which contribute to miner includes:

Coal Ore
Redstone Ore
Iron Ore
Nether Quartz Ore
Gold Ore
Lapis Lazuli Ore
Diamond Ore
Emerald Ore


15Access to /getpos: This displays your coordinates
15Access to /depth: This displays your height relative to sea level
15Access to /compass: This displays the direction you are facing in degrees
15Access to mine out Basic Geodes
15Access to /quartz (/qz): Condenses all Quartz in inventory into Quartz Block
30Access to /nightvision (/nv): Toggles nightvision effect onto or off you
30Access to /condense (/cond): Turns all resources into their block form, if possible
30Access to Salt Mining: Mining now has a Chance to drop Salt. Salt is unusable at the moment, but will have a use in the future Cook Update.
30Access to /fireresistance (/fr): Allows for immunity to fire and lava damage
50Ability to silk touch spawners: Allows you to break and pick up spawners using a silk touch pickaxe
50Access to mine out Void Magnets
50Access to mine out Advanced Geodes
75Access to Relics: Mining now how a low chance to Drop a Fallen Relic. Fallen Relics can be used to summon Bosses for exclusive Loot.
75Ability to create to Miner Variants of Voidstorages
75Access to the /rv Prospector

Crafting Recipes

Miner has no crafting recipes available at this moment.