The miner job allows you to earn money from mining. The list of actions which contribute to miner includes:

Coal Ore
Redstone Ore
Iron Ore
Nether Quartz Ore
Gold Ore
Lapis Lazuli Ore
Diamond Ore
Emerald Ore


15Access to /getpos: This displays your coordinates
15Access to /depth: This displays your height relative to sea level
15Access to /compass: This displays the direction you are facing in degrees
15Access to /quartz (/qz): Condenses all Quartz in inventory into Quartz Block
30Access to /nightvision (/nv): Toggles nightvision effect onto or off you
30Access to /condense (/cond): Turns all resources into their block form, if possible
30Access to Salt Mining: Mining now has a Chance to drop Salt. Salt is unusable at the moment, but will have a use in the future Cook Update.
30Access to /fireresistance (/fr): Allows for immunity to fire and lava damage
50Ability to silk touch spawners: Allows you to break and pick up spawners using a silk touch pickaxe
50Access to mine out Void Magnets
75Access to Relics: Mining now how a low chance to Drop a Fallen Relic. Fallen Relics can be used to summon Bosses for exclusive Loot.
75Ability to create to Miner Variants of Voidstorages
75Access to the /rv Prospector

Voidbreaker Tools

  • Arbeit Drill (Level 50)
  • Einheit Drill (Level 75)

Miner Voidbreaker tools are slightly different to the other tools. They do not scale with your MCMMO, but instead require a different drill based on what level in Miner you are, and which size limit you want.

To read more on this process, click here.

Job Level requirementSize Limit
50 Miner3x1x3
75 Miner5x1x5

Crafting Recipes

Miner has no crafting recipes available at this moment.