MythicDrops Tiers

On ElyssiaMC, items are separated and ranked by tiers. Just as with any other tiered system, an item's tier indicates it's relative rarity, and value. The higher the item's tier is, the greater the chance for it to have both higher leveled, as well as more enchantments. An item's tier also decides how many slots an item can have.

Basic Tiers

There are 8 basic tiers for MythicDrops items. Ranked in order of descending rarity, they are as follows:

Common 0
Pure 0-1
Magical 0-2
Spellbound 0-3
Ineffable 0-5
Ethereal 0-6
Eternal 0-6
Voidwalker1)) 2-6

Unique Tiers

Items with a unique tier are special in that unlike regular items, are not randomly generated. As such, any item with a unique tier will always be the same. Generally, only event items and Arcana items are unique.

Elysian N/A [0 - infinite]
Arcana N/A [0 - infinite]

Blacksmith Tiers

High-level blacksmiths can craft either adept cores or journeyman cores. Cores are much like essences in that when right-clicked with, the player will be given a MythicDrops item. However, cores are unique in that the enchants which are applied to the item will always be a safe enchantment. This means that an item spawned in via a core will always be useful in some degree. For example, a sword spawned in from a core will never have protection, but it may have sharpness, etc.

Core TiersSlots
Journeyman 1-4
Adept 1-6

Only obtainable from boss mobs (Wither, EnderDragon