General Commands


/menuOpens up a menu GUI that allows for quick access to server information, voting, obtaining daily chest, weekly chest and consecutive rewards
/rulesShows the server rules
/ticketOpens up a GUI that allows you to submit a support ticket
/faqOpens a GUI that allows for a quick access to server information, voting, daily/weekly chests, consecutive rewards, and the Wiki. (see image below)
/updatesOpens a GUI that lists all server and job updates, so players can find out what has been changed without having to open the forums.

Donator commands

/nickAllows you to give yourself a nickname with colours
/pvAllows you to hide, change color or switch your Donator Tag
/hatAllows you to place the item in your hand, onto your headgear slot
/deluxe {player, defaults to self}Shows if the user has a Deluxe status
/trailsAccess to particle trails


/pay {player} {amount}Pays a player the amount specified
/bal {player, defaults to self}Checks the balance of a certain player
/auction start {amount} {starting price} {bid increment}Starts an auction for what you currently have in your hand
/auction infoShows information about the current auction
/auction cancelCancels the current auction, if you are the auction starter, and only a few seconds have passed
/auction queueChecks what items are queued to auction
/ahOpens the Auction House menu, where you can list items for sale and purchase items that others have listed.
/ah sell {price}Lists the item in your hand onto the Auction House with the specified amount


/ranksShows a list of available ranks, as well as their prices, in chat.
/faqrShows the list of available ranks, its perks as well as its prices. It can also be seen here. Opens in a GUI.
/rankupBuys the next rank, if you have enough money, and are ranking up in the right order
/rvAllows you to change your rank prefix to a variant name. All variants can be seen here


/tpa {player}Request to Teleport to a Player
/tpahere {player}Request a player to teleport to your location
/tpacceptAccept a Teleportation Request
/tpdenyDeny a Teleportation Request

Jackpot and Lottery

With all of these commands, you gamble a set amount of money with another player.

/rpsPlay Rock, Paper, Scissors
/jackpotA large group of people can gamble in 3 different sets (low, medium, high) and have a chance at winning when the timer runs out.
/cfPlay a coin flip with another player.