Fabled Enchanting

Fabled Enchanting is a custom feature of ElyssiaMC that allows players to bypass vanilla enchanting limits; allowing for enchantments to go over the default enchantment level cap, or reduce it. This feature is only available to level 60 Blacksmiths at the moment, but will soon be available to Arcanist.

How to Fabled Enchant

To Fabled Enchant, you must be a level 60 Blacksmith; there must be no items in your off and at least 1 Entropy Fragment in your inventory.

  1. Pick up any enchanting book in your inventory with your mouse and Left/Right click it onto the item you wish to enchant. (This will set your Enchanted Book to your offhand and your item to your hand with a confirmation screen)
  2. Right click to confirm and your Enchanted Book will be destroyed and rolled.


  • Be sure to have full health, as the Fabled Enchanting process gives poison effect on the user.
  • Fabled Enchanting has a 50% chance for every enchantment on the Enchanted Book to successfully Fabled Enchant an item; there is a 25% chance of destroying the item.
  • Items that have successfully received at least 1 enchantment from this process will be tagged 'Fabled Enchanted'.
  • Once a item has been Fabled Enchanted, it can no longer be Fabled Enchanted again.