Cosmetic Gems

What are they?

Cosmetic gems are the Lobby currency. When you accumulate gems you can buy crate key in the lobby to get gadgets, mounts, and pets to apply.

How do you get Gems?

Being online, playing in a continent(Elyssia or Symph) or being in the lobby, can earn 1-100 Gems.

How do you buy a crate key?

Once you have 5,000 Gems, you can click the ender chest on the far right on your hot-bar. Then click the Trip-wire Hook, labeled Treasure Keys, in the top right of the opened GUI. This will purchase a Key for cosmetics.

How do I open a Cosmetic Crate?

Move away from any of the islands in the lobby and open the ender chest in your hotbar, then click the normal chest labeled Treasure Chests. This will give you 4 Random chests you can open and get a maximum of 4 cosmetic items. Players can also get “unlucky” and open a crate with gems instead of a gadget or pet.