Condensing Commands

Turn all kinds of items into their larger block counterparts. Some of these commands have Job requirements players must meet to be able to use the condensing command.

Condense NameWhat Can it CondenseJob Requirement
/Condense (/cond)Coal, Diamonds, Redstone, Lapis, Emeralds,Miner 30
/DiggerCondense (/dc)Condenses all Glowstone Dust and Clay into Glowstone Blocks and Clay BlocksDigger 15
/FarmerCondense (/fc)Condenses all Watermelon and Wheat into Melon Block and Hay BalesFarmer 30
/PaperCondenses all Sugar Cane in the inventory into PaperArcanist 30
/QuartzCondenses all Quartz in the inventory into Quartz BlocksMiner 15
/SugarCondenses all Sugar Cane in the inventory to SugarArcanist 15
/UnWoodsmanCondense (/unwc)Uncondenses Charcoal and CoalNone
/WoodsmanCondense (/wc)Condenses Charcoal (only way to condense charcoal now)Woodsman 15