Chat Commands

Chat Channels

These are the Chat Channels available on ElyssiaMC. You are able to join and leave them as you please, and customize your chat experience. You are able to also use the Alias of the channel name to quickly chat in various Channels (./g {message} for example).

Channel NameAliasNetwork-Wide?Public?

Useful Chat Commands

/ignore {player}Ignores Player across the Entire Network
/chlistReturns a list of all Channels avaiable and their aliases
/vjoin {channel}Joins Channel
/vleave {channel}Leaves Channel, making you unable to recieve messages from this Channel until you rejoin.
/message {player} {message}Private Messages a single player.
/messagetoggleToggle whether players can private message you or not.

Chat Party Commands

Note: Chat Parties commands in game may be designated as ./party, but this is overlapping with McMMO parties. When working with Chat Parties, always use the command vparty instead.

Chat parties are player created groups where multiple people can chat in private. Any player may create their own party and manage it, so long as they follow the server's chat rules.

Command Effect
/vparty hostCreate a Chat Party.
/vparty join {player}Join a Player's Chat Party
/vparty leaveLeave your current Chat Party
/vparty kick {player}Kick player from your Chat Party
/vparty ban {player}Ban player from your Chat Party
/vparty infoPulls up info on your Current Chat Party
/vparty members {player}Gets the members of a player's Chat parties
/vparty chatToggle Chat in your Party
/vparty helpIn-game Help Command

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