The builder job allows you to earn money by placing blocks. The list of actions which contribute to builder includes:

All Stone
All Wood Planks
Glass Panes
Stained Glass
All Wool
Stone bricks
Nether Brick
Quartz Block
All Stained Clay
Sea Lanterns
Hardened Clay
Red Sandstone


5Build CraftBook Bridges
5Build CraftBook Gates
5Build CraftBook Elevators
5Access to CraftBook Painting Switcher
30Access to ./townfly. 60 Seconds. Flight within own town's borders
30Ability to use Voidplacer Enchantment, allows multiple blocks to be played at the same time.
30Access to the Head Database (/hdb)
5010% Acrobatics McMMO EXP Boost
50Chance to Create Perfect Voidstorages
50Access to ./townfly. 300 Seconds. Flight within own town's borders
75Access to ./townfly. Infinite Flight. Flight within own town's borders
7510 Set Homes
75Access to Drill Paver and Turret Machines
75Access to the /rv Architect

Voidstorage Enchantment

Voidstorage Crystal has a rare chance of dropping from a mob. Use a Voidstorage Crystal as if it were a scroll and apply it on a block. All Voidstorage attempts has a 50% Chance of succeeding. On failure, your item will not be harmed.

Voidstorage allows to bulk store a single type of Basic Building Block. Blocks placed by a Void Storage item does NOT count towards your Jobs XP / Money.

Voidstorages made by non-builders will always be Imperfect Voidstorages; these storages cannot be used to place blocks, only to store them.

Currently Allowed Voidstorage Types:

  • Dirt Type
  • Stone Type
  • Cobblestone Type
  • Any Log Type
  • Any Planks Type
  • Any Sand Type
  • Any Sandstone Type
  • Any Wool Type
  • Any Stonebrick Type

Crafting recipes

Void Storage I - Can be Crafted at Level 50 Builder.
Void Storage II - Can be crafted at Level 60 Builder.
Void Storage III - Can be crafted at Level 75 Builder.

Head Database

Builders at Level 30 have the ability to buy decorative heads for the following categories:

  • Blocks
  • Decoration
  • Devices
  • Mobs
  • Charcaters
  • Food
  • Alphabet
  • Colors
  • Custom (Soon heads will be added in here of discontinued players)

Heads will cost 10,000 crux(10k crux) each