Blacksmith Recipes

1Allow the scrapping of Common and Pure tiered items
15Access to /disenchant. Can also be specific and disenchant 1 enchant from an item/armor with /disenchant (enchant name).
15Access to /condense, /cond
15Access to /stack
30Access to craft Journeyman Cores
30Access to /disenchant: Removes all enchantments from your tool. Can also disenchant 1 enchant at a time with /disenchant (enchant name).
30Allow the scrapping of Ineffiable and Ethereal tiered items
50100% Arcane Forging Rate: Repairing using McMMO will always conserve enchantments
50Allow the scrapping of Eternal tiered items
60Ability to Fable Enchant
75Access to craft Adept Cores
75Allow the scrapping of Voidwalker and Arcana tiered items
75Access to the /rv Smithy

Journeyman Cores

Another tier on MythicDrops, that can only be crafted by Blacksmiths.

These materials can be placed in any order in a crafting bench.

Adept Cores

Another tier on MythicDrops.

Like Journeyman Cores, Adept cores can be placed in any order in a crafting bench.