The blacksmith job allows you to earn money from crafting armour and tools, as well as smelting ores. The list of actions which contribute to blacksmith includes:

Iron sword
Iron axe
Iron shovel
Iron pickaxe
Iron hoe
Diamond sword
Diamond axe
Diamond shovel
Diamond pickaxe
Diamond hoe
Iron helmet
Iron chest plate
Iron leggings
Iron boots
Diamond helmet
Diamond chest plate
Diamond leggings
Diamond boots


1Allow the scrapping of Common and Pure tiered items
15Access to /condense: Turns all resources into their block form, if possible
15Access to /stack: Compacts all items in your inventory into stacks
15Allow the scrapping of Magical and Spellbound tiered items
30Access to /disenchant: Removes all enchantments from your tool. Can also disenchant 1 enchant at a time with /disenchant (enchant name).
30Ability to craft Journeyman Cores
30Allow the scrapping of Ineffable and Ethereal tiered items
50100% Arcane Forging rate: Repairing using McMMO will always conserve enchantments
50Allow the scrapping of Eternal tiered items
60Ability to Fabled Enchant
75Ability to craft Adept Cores
75Allow the scrapping of Voidwalker and Arcana tiered items
75Access to the /rv Smithy

Blacksmith Recipes:

Journeyman Cores - Level 30

Adept Cores - Level 75