Arcanist Recipes

1510% Alchemy McMMO EXP Boost
15EXP Storage
15Access to /sugar
30Access to /jumpboost
30Access to /speed
30Access to /paper
30Keep EXP on death
30Access to Custom Enchanting
50Access to Permutatio Scrapping
50Access to crafting Alfheim Shattered Tethers
50Access to craft Experience Tools
60Access to Book Splitting
50Craft Forbidden Grimoires
75Craft Imperfect Imperfect Skill Gems
75Access to the /rv Alchemist

Forbidden Grimoire

This item will give you a random Scroll when you right click.

Materials needed: Soul Gem, a book, and a Ghast Tear.

Imperfect Skill Gem

With this item, you have a chance to level up a random McMMO skill. You are not guaranteed a level.

Materials: A Soul Gem and a Diamond Block.

Alfheim Shattered Tether

With this item, players have access to the island Alfheim. But beware, this item can break if not careful with the durability.

Materials: 7 Dragon Hide and 1 Entropy Shard