The arcanist job allows you to earn money from enchanting items, brewing potions, and harvesting nether wart. The list of actions which contribute to arcanist includes:

Nether wart
Spider eye
Fermented spider eye
Blaze powder
Red mushroom
Blue mushroom
Ink sac
Poisonous potato
Golden apple
Glistering melon
Magma cream
Ghast tear
Lily pad
Golden carrot
Any enchantment


1Arcanist have a chance to Infuse Gems. The higher level Arcanist, the higher chance the Infusion process will succeed.
1510% boost to McMMO alchemy EXP gain
15Access to EXP Storage
15Access to /sugar: Turns all sugar cane in inventory to sugar
30Keep experience points upon death
30Access to /jumpboost: Toggles jump boost effect onto or off you.
30Access to /speed: Toggles speed effect onto or off you.
30Access to /paper: Turns all sugar cane in inventory to paper
30Access to Custom Enchanting. Arcanists will be able to add over 20 New Custom Enchantments onto Items. Using the enchanting table. List of Enchants can be viewed here.
50Ability to craft Forbidden Grimoires
50Access to Permutatio Scrapping.
50Access to Craft Alfheim Shattered Tethers
50Access to Experience Tools.
60Access to Book Splitting.
75Ability to craft Imperfect skill gems
75Access to the /rv Alchemist

As an Arcanist, you can also brew potions and smelt them back into water bottles for reuse. This will lose the potions effect, but make leveling more efficient since you will no longer have to craft and fill as many bottles.

Augmented Luck for Living Items

By clicking a Concentrated Bucket o' Enchanting on top of a Living Item with a free Arcanist Tablet Slot. There will be a chance the slot will become a [Augmented Luck] Slot. The chance this will be successful increases based on the level of the Arcanist(higher the job level, higher the chance of success). On level up of the living item, this will increase the chance to increment the Enchantments when it has Augmented Luck by 15% ( 75% + 15% = 90% ).

Crafting Recipes