Arcana Items

Although most MythicDrops items are randomly generated, there is a chance a mob can spawn with an Arcana item, which will have a predefined name, enchantments, flavour text, and slots. Generally, Arcana items are stronger than your run-of-the-mill items, and can even have hidden effects.

Arcana items are only obtainable by either crafting an arcana essence or by being very lucky when hunting mobs.

All Arcanas can be viewed with the command /arcanaindex.

Arcana Sets

Generally, Arcana items are organized into sets. Some Arcana sets are exclusive to tools, some to armour, but some may contain both. Currently, the following sets are obtainable in-game:

Armor Only SetsTool Only SetsArmor + Tool SetsRandom/Solo Arcanas
AzureAbyssalAbyssBrizo's Blessing
EclipseAdversaEucliwoodCrystaline Quiver
EndiaClockworkGuardianHeavan's Song
EterniaDrills*PuppeteersImperial Longbow
FantasiaEhre*ValkyrionSoul Reaver
IliyasEldritch The Holy Pot
ImpetumEquivocator Verdant Spade*
LuftJade Divsin Shears
LumberjackJustitia Slapping Salmon(Discontinued)

Voidbreaker items are no longer obtainable using Arcana Essences. They can only be obtained with Void Spheres.

The Divsin Shears are obtainable through the Experience Tool Method.