With the introduction of the Spirit of Ash and the Heart of Oak items from the September Admin Auction; came the new land of Alfheim, Land of the Fables.

Why go there?

Alfheim is a 15,000 x 15,000 custom map with higher spawn rates, custom mobs spawn rates, and a 10% job boost to all jobs while in the world. There is plenty to find, and plenty to kill. There are exclusive resources that can only be found while in Alfheim. This includes resources that allow others from the mainland to access Alfheim (via Talismans).

How to get there?

Currently the only way into Alfheim is with the Spirit of Ash and the Heart of Oak. Level 50 Arcanists have the ability to craft secondary Alfheim Shattered Tethers that can temporarily bind a player to Alfheim.

On wear of a world tethering Talisman bound to Alfheim, you will be teleported to Alfheim. While wearing this tether, you will be bound to the plane of Alfheim, and your tether will periodically take durability damage. If you are not wearing a tether while in this world, you are immediately sent back to your respective server's main world.

A Note to make:

  • The Alfheim map cannot have Towns be made in it.
  • Builds on the Alfheim Map, are subject to the same rules as the rest of the maps (no griefing, etc.). It is a semi-resource world, and thus will be reset every 2-4 Months. (An announcement will be made prior to Alfheim resets, no worries).
  • PvP is enabled on this map so be careful!