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No griefing.

Do not purposefully destroy, or otherwise alter someone's buildings or belongings without their consent. This rule applies equally in the wilderness, as well as in towns.

Gathering Resources in the Main World is considered Griefing and is bannable. That is land players can settle on you are ruining, and it is not okay to destroy that.

Claiming town land to purposefully stop towns from expanding, or building a structure to destroy, or prevent the function of something which does not belong to you is also classified as griefing. Furthermore, do not build structures solely to block or impede on another person's land or area. Such structures may be moved, or outright deleted. Respect the space of others!

  • Please keep in mind that taking from unlocked chests, or chests which you have been given access to via /cmodify, etc., is not classified as griefing. This is due to the fact that chests are automatically locked when placed. Only share your chests with people you trust!
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    No harassment, disrespect, or discrimination of any kind.

    Any form of racism, sexism, antisemitism, etc., will not be tolerated, and may result in a multitude of repercussions, ranging from kicks, temporary mutes, or even a ban. Do not continually harass or chastise others. All chat rules also apply to player-made warps, and any other form of texted-based content on our servers.

  • This includes actions such as spawnkilling, or repeated camping of other towns.
  • Lying, failure to respond or failure to follow a Staff member's instructions or questions is considered Staff Disrespect and will result in bans.
  • Disrespect of your Staff members, including Events, especially when they are providing warnings or instructions to you, will not be tolerated, and may result in temporary bans, or permenant bans.
  • Do not claim plots within 5 plots of another town. Do not claim in order to obstruct the expansion of another town ( such as claiming around a town with a 5 plot difference ). Do not claim another player's unclaimed builds without permission. Aggressively claiming plots around other towns in order to block the expasion or growth of a town or taking another player's builds without permission from the owner of the structure is not allowed, and is considered both griefing and harassment.
  • Do not make inappropriate comments in global, this includes, but is not limited to over-sexualized, excessive use of profanity. This rule applies even if not directly targeted at a specific person or group. Chat is for everyone, and while we do make leeway for you to use profanity and crack a sexual joke, overusing this for any reason, (especially for example, trying to draw attention to one's self, or for the sole purpose of trying to annoy others) is not allowed. This will fall under inapproriate behavior, and will result in your ban.
  • Do not approach your fellow player with the intent to degrade or demean them in any way. Realize there is a clear difference between "the Hater" and "the Critic". Also, realize there is a clear difference between a joke which is meant to be funny, and a joke which is meant to be hurtful.
  • Toxicity, Trolling and causing excessive amounts of Drama is strictly forbidden. Maintaining a healthy climate for everyone to have fun is important, and if you are disrupting that climate, you can be banned for Trolling, Toxicity, etc. It is up to the present Staff member's discretion to decide whether someone's actions are trolling, toxic, or overly dramatic
  • Town Drama is to be handled within the server rules and by your town staff. If your town decides to start advertising other servers and you fail to report this, you will be banned. If your town decides to start abusing bugs and you fail to report this, you will be banned.
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    No spamming.

    Do not repeat the same message in chat repeatedly, either to attract attention, or otherwise. As a general rule, please do also try to keep usage of excessive capitalization to a minimum. Do not roleplay in Global Chat. Keep roleplaying in to Town chat, as it is cluttering up Global for those who are not part of your roleplay.

  • This server is a primarily English-speaking server. Please keep all public channels in English. You may speak in other languages in private channels, so long as you are following all rules when doing so.
  • Breaking this rule may result in warnings and mutes.
  • Purposefully (especially after a Staff member warns you), spamming chat with a command / automatic message in order to clutter up global is mutable / bannable (ie. Spamming ./showcase, purposefully spamming Global with excessive PvP Death messages, etc).
  • Verbal warnings may or may not be provided in cases where the player does not have a history of using caps, but do not attempt to use full-caps "every once in a while" in an attempt to bypass this rule. This will not be tolerated and will be met with mutes.
  • Do not attempt to bypass this rule by using full-caps on a single word. Verbal warnings can be provided in cases where a player does not have a history of breaking this rule, but do not attempt to use this to bypass this rule. Doing so will not be tolerated and will be met with mutes.
  • Do not chat incohernt phrases in Chat (ex. smashing your keyboard in Global out of frustration) and claim it is not spamming. Global Chat is for everyone so let's keep it readable please.
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    No advertising other servers, services or products

    Do not purposefully share IP addresses, names, etc. of other servers on ElyssiaMC, especially in global chat. If you wish to gain players, look into voting sites, etc., rather than attempting player poaching.

  • We are not Craigslist or some other Jobs Bulletin board. If you are advertising a service or product that is not an ElyssiaMC product or service, you will be banned for advertising.
  • The sale of in-game items or services for real life currency is strictly forbidden and will result in the ban of both parties.
  • Any attempt to advertise any non-ElyssiaMC product or service is strictly against the rules. If you stand to make any profit or gain, in real life money or in any non-ElyssiaMC medium, such as more subscribers for your YouTube channel, for exposing people to that information on ElyssiaMC servers then, advertising that information is not allowed on any of our servers, and will result in your immediate ban. This includes but is not limited to, any Discord or Teamspeak server other than ElyssiaMC's, any forums other than ElyssiaMC, Healthcare product, hardware sites, server rental sites, etc.
  • You may mention your Video/Streaming channel (so long as you are not breaking the No Spamming Rule), if and only if, you are doing so with non-toxic videos/streams expressly featuring ElyssiaMC. Meaning, joining the server for the first time and just advertising your YouTube Channel, with no intent or prior approved videos of ElyssiaMC is not okay.
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    No hacking, cheating, or otherwise exploiting.

    Do not abuse any bugs, or exploits within ElyssiaMC. Such issues should be reported to staff, so that they may be fixed as soon as possible. Third-party modifications to the player's client are not permitted either, should they provide an unfair advantage. This includes, and is not limited to: x-ray, "hack" clients, etc. Encouraging users to exploit server bugs is also against the rules.

  • Any sort of farm that lets you obtain an advantage while not being present is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to gaining MCMMO experience, Jobs experience, money, or MythicDrops items while AFK is considered an exploit, and you will be asked to remove it. However, semi-manual farms are allowed.

  • Any sort of mechanic that allows players to bypass pre-existing restrictions or create unintented effects, especially (but not only) if used for personal gain or harm towards particular player(s), is considered exploiting.

  • Failure to report a bug is against the rules and will result in your ban.

  • Staff has the right to define what mechanics are exploits / bugs or not.

  • Any sort of setup that allows you to bypass the automatic AFK Kick is not allowed, including but not limited to AFK pools.

  • Using alternate accounts for any reason, ( to obtain an unfair advantage over other players by having more jobs, more votes, bypassing bans, etc.), without prior, written on the Forums, Staff-approved permission, will result in a ban to some, or all accounts, and may affect your ban appeal's standing. This means if YOU (a single user) are only allowed to play on this server for a single account. You are allowed to have siblings, spouses and other individuals play from the same IP, but only one account should be associated per person. In serious cases, some or all of your character(s) progress may be reset or removed.

  • Any modification, hardware or software, that gives an unfair advantage is bannable.
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    No teleport-killing.

    Do not set up, or use any sort of trap to purposefully lure players in to kill them. In general, luring players out of safe zones, following a teleport is not allowed. Furthermore, do not teleport to players, or teleport them to you, in order to kill them. Setting homes at players's bases in order to harass or kill them in the future is also not allowed. Do not abuse commands such as /home, /back, etc. in order to kill other players.

  • All No Teleport Rules apply to player-warps as well. Creating a "trap" warp will result in your ban and immediate removal of the warp with no refunds given for the in-game money spent on the warp.
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    No scamming.

    Trades, sales, etc., on ElyssiaMC should be conducted in a fair manner. Do not claim to buy something for a certain price, but not pay it, etc. Payments of a negligible difference (9999.99 instead of 10,000, for example) are frowned upon, but are not considered scamming.

  • Abuse of the renaming mechanics of anvils to create fake items mimicking unique items, such as soul gems, etc., will not be tolerated. Any auctions with such renamed items will be canceled, and may result in a ban from using auctions.
  • Setting exorbitantly high auction increments is considered scamming, if the market value of the item does not justify the bid increment. This is determined at the staff's, and by popular discretion.
  • Attempting to slip a high bid during for the sole purpose of attempting to make players who are bidding quickly to pay substantionally more than the item's market value is considered scamming and this will result in your ban.
  • Since new mechanics are develeoped quickly, and a new scam may appear that is not explicitly stated in the rules, it is at Staff's descretion to define what actions constitute for scamming.
  • Kicking players for the purpose of claiming their items is not allowed. Setting the towny tax extremely high to take a large portion of a player's balance is not allowed. It is at the preceeding Staff member's discretion to determine when either of these has occured in a town. While towns are allowed to have their own rules, Server rules will always superceed any case where town rules conflict with server rules. Server staff will not enforce town rules. When running a town, attempting to make a profit off your citizens at their expense (including but not limited to the previous scams described in this point) is not allowed. Town Staff doing this may be removed from their town, their ownership to their builds / town be revoked, the town destroyed, and/or the scammers banned. This rule also applies to Nations.
  • If a scam occurs and Staff requests the involved parties (scammers and possible bystandards that the scammer has pulled in) to refund the items, the players are required to oblige, otherwise this may be forcibly refunded and the refusing party given warnings or bans.
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    We reserve the right to modify / remove any and all content on any/all our servers, without notice, for any reason, without explaination, including, but not limited to: in-game builds, player stats, forum posts, rules, etc. For more information on this policy, check ElyssiaMC's Game Servers and Forums Terms of Service, or ElyssiaMC's Terms of Service for Purchases. By connecting or purchasing to any of our servers, must agree to our Terms of Service for the respective service. If you do not agree with the respective Terms of Service, please do not connect to our servers or use our webstore or webservers. In short, you are a guest on this server, it is a privilage, not a right to play on any server.

  • Real money trade is forbidden on ElyssiaMC. This is defined as the sale of in-game elements, including, and not limited to, items and currency, for real money.
  • Owners may overrule any prior and future interpretation of any rules or cases. This includes the right to break precedent.
  • Bans carry over to Teamspeak, Discord and in some cases, Forums. Forum bans are only in extreme cases, since if you are forum banned, it signifies a Permenant Ban with no chance at appeal.
  • Attempting to "play the rules" (exploiting vaugness in the rules in order to be a negative impact on the server, attempting to use an unfair modification that is not explicitly stated, etc.) to be right at the edge of the rules will not be tolerated.
  • While on a normal basis, players are given up to three chances to appeal. Every case is weighed differently, and particularly difficult cases may cause some or all of these chances to be revoked. Remember, appealing is asking to return after a wrong deed, not your chance to try to reinterpret the rules to justify your actions.
  • You are not allowed to ask Staff ask the status of any ban appeal. Due to numerous past attempts to try to argue with Staff, demand staff to speed their appeal up, or try to talk their way out of their appeal, contacting staff about your ban appeal outside of the Ban Appeals section of the forums, both in-game or on any medium (Teamspeak, Discord, Forums PM, etc.) will only decreases your chances or lead to your ban appeal being denied. Only Ban appeals will be considered in this forum section. Calling for demands or not following the ban appeal format will lead to your post being deleted, declined or ignored.
  • While on a normal basis, players are given up to four warnings, then kick(s), tempban(s), etc. up to permenant bans, ip-bans, account resets / reductions, etc. for their actions (which will be refered to as the punishment ladder for the remainder of the rules). Every case is weighed differntly, and particularly difficult cases may cause a player to skip some or all of these steps on the punishment ladder. Meaning, depending on the severity of the rule broken, up to the Staff member's discretion, players can go through the entire ladder, or could end up skipped straight to ban appeals. In very rare cases, Owners may overrule a Staff member's judgement (for example, if an Owner deemed a decision too harsh). Remember, the punishment ladder is a friendly reminder and is completely up to the present Staff member's discretion on how to handle the situation, and what punishment should be given.
  • As a reminder, we reserve the right to modify and remove any and all content on our servers at any time, without warning, for any reason. While the rules outline the general ideas of what will restrict your access to the server, as the server develops and players find new ways to demean, cheat, or just be generally distaining to the server, the rules are to grow and develop. As a general rule of thumb, simply ask your self, am I being demeaning, cheating or just generally destaining to another player, staff or the server. If so this may result in your access to the server being restricted.
  • In conclusion, in accordance to our Term of Service, these rules merely outline the general behavior to which you must adheer to on our servers, which may expand and change without notice. As mentioned previously, since players with ill-intent often attempt to slip through cracks in the rules ( attempting to call into question ambiguity, using a modification not explicitly stated, claiming harassment was directed towards the ambigous rather than a single individual ), as such ElyssiaMC reserves the right to restrict, modify, or remove, any and all content or access to content on our servers, without notice, for any reason, without explaination. In short, these rules are so detailed because people constantly call into question new ways to be distaining to the server. Upon closer inspection, these rules can be simplifed to a single base rule, to which I will drop the formalities to state: Don't be a dick. Like, it's simple. If you're gonna be a dick, a troll, a cheater, an ass, an attention whore, a diva, or a jerk-- don't. See?